AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — After receiving numerous complaints of mold, rats, roaches, and poor living conditions at the Bon Air Apartments, management said the property will be renovated.

“They have taken action to correct those things. What we want to see is this property restored and we want a secure, new and renovated environment for our residents here on this very important property,” Rep. Rick Allen said.

Rep. Allen called for HUD to launch an investigation into the living conditions at the Bon Air Apartments back in April. On Wednesday, he and Commissioner Catherine Smith Mcknight met with HUD representatives as well as the management to discuss those concerns.

“They know the significance of this to the city of Augusta and from every indication I got they want to do the right thing,” Allen said.

Allen said the management is on board to improve the property and extensive renovations are planned including updated flooring, cabinets and new appliances.

WJBF NewsChannel 6 spoke to some residents who said after the visit from HUD and Allen they are confident the renovations will be done, but Allen and McKnight said they will continue to check in with management to make sure the renovations are completed.

“The bottom line is we have offered our assistance in expediting the total renovation and total satisfaction of these residents and total renovation of this property,” Allen said.