The wife of famed Rock and Roll entertainer Frankie Lymon has died. 

Emira Eagle Lymon Bryant spent her life in Augusta.  We retraced her steps to learn more about her life.

“An ideal marriage that was interrupted by his death,” is how Biographer Mallory Millender described Emira’s life with Frankie. 

Joined in holy matrimony at Beulah Grove Baptist Church, Emira Eagle started her brief love story with  Lymon.  

Mallory Millender, who penned a memoir of Bryant, said the two met coincidentally when he was stationed at Fort Gordon.  Lymon dropped by her home on Ramsey Street with a friend who was dating Emira’s sister. 

“She was actually taking a bath and came out of the bathroom with just a towel on,” Millender recalled.  “Frankie was standing by the door pretending he was looking for the kitchen and she was furious.”

A marriage license from the Richmond County Courthouse shows the two married June 30, 1967 at Emira’s church, Beulah Grove.  

“He got her to go into Friedman’s Jewelry store with him and it was there that he proposed again,” Milleder said adding that Frankie had asked a few times.  “She accepted, they got the ring and he just went up and down Broad street screaming about how he loved this woman.”

Emira Lymon graduated from Lucy C. Laney High School and went on to become an educator at Hornsby.  She and Frankie lived on Ramsey Street in the family home until he died in February of 1968 on a trip to New York to jump start a planned comeback.

“Her life with Frankie was like a year long honeymoon,” Millender said. 

Emira Eagle Lymon remarried in 2001 and became Emira Bryant.  She had no children, but was active in several local orgnizations, such as the Willie Mae Howard Missionary Ministry for Beulah Grove Baptist Church, Alpha Kappa Alpha Soroity, Inc., Richmond County School System Retired Teachers Association and Augusta Area Cultural Society, Inc.  

And you might remember her story depicted in the film ‘Why Do Fools Fall in Love,’ a film Millender said she was ok with for the most part, but it did containe parts that were not accurate. 

NewsChannel 6 extends its condolences to the family of Emira Eagle Lymon Bryant. 

Photojournalist: Mark Gaskins