Relief in sight for SC businesses


NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) – Chairs have been empty at Edge in North Augusta for a while but that will change soon.

In a press conference on May 11, Governor Henry McMaster said, “Lifting restrictions on close contact services and also lifting restrictions on recreation and athletic facilities and activities.”

“I’m excited. But even more importantly, about 400 people out there that have been texting and calling and emailing for appointments will be very excited,” said David Towles, owner of Edge.

Personal care, many other businesses, and amenities in South Carolina can reopen May 18. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on a lot of businesses but Towles said his salon will prevail. 

“We’ve done okay. My staff, as far as I know, everybody is doing fine.” 

As Governor McMaster made the reopening announcement, he also laid out guidelines for a business to operate safely.

“Not that different than what we’re required to do by our licensing and labor board, South Carolina Board of Cosmetology. So, there’s nothing really surprising just recommendations such as we’re supposed to change smock or aprons in between each client. And I’ve got 12 aprons on the way,” said Towles.

The guidelines vary by business. You can find out here.

Towles told me McMaster’s announcement came at a good time so some establishments can order supplies. Using medical supplies in a salon can be a hassle but it’s for the best.

Towles explained, “If you’re wearing a mask, then you’re protecting me to a certain extent. If I’m wearing a mask and you’re wearing a mask, we’re both protected. Frankly, I cough more with a mask on but we’ll do whatever necessary to comply with the recommendations. “

“Now we’re accelerating back up and we hope to be back at full speed just as quickly as possible but also as safely as possible,” said Governor McMaster at his press conference.

Towles added he hopes that people are patient as they book appointments. He and his staff can only accommodate a certain amount of people at a time in his business.

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