Regency Mall demolition sparks questions


AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – The last time we saw any major activity at Regency Mall was the asphalt parking lot was being torn up now the old Wards store is coming down, what does it mean, it’s a good question. 

‘What’s up at Regency Mall’ is what is coming down. Demolition is underway in the southeast corner of the old shopping center. 

Commissioner Bobby Williams represents the area. 

“What’s going on at Regency Mall? 

“I’m not sure exactly what’s going on at Regency Mall. I’ve put in a call to the Administrator to try and find out exactly,” said the 5th District Commissioner.  

What we found out is the owners of the old shopping center got a permit to do the demo work earlier this month. 

“They’re going to take it down to the slab. They will leave the slab. that’s the extent of what we know,” said Planning and Zoning Director Rob Sherman.  

But other city leaders say they wanted to know about what was going on here before seeing the work get underway. 

“Hear something this major again slip through a department’s hands and most of the commission doesn’t know anything about it,” said Commissioner John Clarke.  

What city leaders do know is the old mall site has been the subject of numerous redevelopment studies over the past several years, so what’s going on now is a big interest for Mayor Davis.  

“There’s activity going on at the Regency Mall site, which is a fabulous site, for redevelopment 77 acres of land that’s right in the center of the country right in the heart of the city and I’m encourage by what I see,” said Mayor Davis.  

City officials saying the demolition permit is for the old Wards building by itself and there are no redevelopment plans for the site on file.

As of June 2021, further development seems to be on hold.

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