Record high COVID-19 cases treated in-house at area hospitals


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The nation is seeing an increase of COVID-19 numbers and our area hospitals are as well.

The last report we received from University shows a record high of 64 coronavirus patients being treated in the hospital. Their last peak was in May with 52 patients.

Depsite these new high numbers, a spokesperson tells us they have enough ventilators for everyone being treated in the ICU.

Infectious Diseases Physician, M.D., Dr. Ioana Chirca, says, “we still have people who are very ill who end up on a ventilator from this, and so it’s still a serious, serious issue. You know, we tend to think that we are over the hump, but we really aren’t.”

New treatment, such as convalescent plasma and remdesivir, has also discharged patients faster.

Since the virus can spread easily, University Hospital moved most of their COVID-19 patients to the Summerville Campus. They also moved patients because all of their resources can be readily available in one building.

“We think there are definite advantages to cohorting these patients not only to mitigate the risk of transmitting to other patients, but also to have other resources available and people who are highly trained to take care of these patients in one place. So, I think it has been a big difference in treatment and outcome for these patients.”

As far as the other area hospitals are concerned – their in-house numbers are also going up.

Doctors Hospital is currently treating 16 patients.

Augusta University’s numbers have stayed around 30 for the past week or so.

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