Rec Director resignation, a shock, not a surprise


Glenn Parker declined comment on tendering his resignation effective next month as head of the Recreation Department, a move that stunned some commissioners. 

“I was shocked but not really surprised. It seems like there’s a lot going on in Augusta right now, a lot of changes going on,” said Commissioner John Clarke. 

Parker’s announced resignation comes less than a week after the forced resignations of City Administrator Janice Jackson and City Attorney Andrew Mackenzie.

“Is it connected to the administrator and the lawyer being let go?”

“I really don’t know how connected it is. I have a feeling with the conversation with Glenn, maybe he felt a little unsure about his job security,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett. 

The city is facing a $5 million dollar lawsuit after 12-year-old Melquan Robinson was killed last fall touching an electrified fence at Fleming Park, a city Recreation and Parks facility. 

“We could understand with the turmoil going on in management you could probably understand his reasoning for getting out of the water before it gets too hot,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

“Could it ever be good timing? I don’t think so. Will we get through this? Absolutely we will get through this,” said Commissioner Clarke. 

But the loss of key personnel might not be over yet says Commissioner Dennis Williams, who says after what’s taken place, others could be heading out the door. 

“If the employees don’t see the commission being that strong leadership in our community, it’s a possibility they will run,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

Parker’s resigination letter is effective May 17th. He is requesting 14 weeks of severance pay. Commissioners must approve the severance package. 

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