COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – Columbia County investigators are looking into a possible road rage incident near the intersection of Belair and Columbia Roads.

Although there are many comments on Facebook, including some from the victim’s own mother, people who work in the area said they didn’t see, or hear, anything.

“It was kind of a shock really for it to be that close,” said Andrew McDonald, who works at All Pro Customz, the shop the shooting allegedly happened in front of. “Makes you nervous really, to be out. I mean we work out in the parking lot a lot of times you know and if that guy would’ve missed and hit one of us. You know I got a family to go home to.”

According to a police report, Jonathan Stouffer was switching lanes and cut off another driver.

Investigators say the other driver fired at Stouffer, hitting his side mirror and then his hand. 

He’s expected to be released from the hospital on Wednesday.

“Everybody’s always migrated to Columbia County because it’s a better, safer county. But seems like the crime rate is getting up around here pretty good,” McDonald said.

“[I] still love Columbia County, I wouldn’t move anywhere else,” said Peggie Schlichter, who lives in the area. “But, it’s kind of scary to know these things are going on now.”

Stouffer’s mother, who lives out of town, agreed to talk to NewsChannel 6 over the phone, but didn’t respond to our calls. 

Police said traffic cameras didn’t catch any footage of the shooting, but they’ve identified a gold BMW, pictured by Stouffer’s white truck. They said whoever was in that car may be a witness.

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone to come forward who witnessed the incident or knows the owner of the BMW in those photos. They’re also planning on interviewing Stouffer again soon, after he’s had some time to recover.