RCBOE Member Wayne Frazier’s DUI comes to light


UPDATE: RCBOE Member Wayne Frazier booked on DUI charge, released on bond

AUGUSTA, Ga. – Richmond County School Board Member Dr. Wayne Frazier was charged with misdemeanor DUI two months ago after a crash back on November 2nd. Now, almost 11-weeks later, other school board members say they’re just learning about the incident.

“I don’t see that he’s in a position to do that anymore. With a situation like that. Who can trust his wisdom when he doesn’t have enough wisdom to drive when he’s not drunk,” says Hiram Thompson, who lives in Augusta.

On November 2nd around 11:52 pm, a police report shows that Wayne Frazier’s car left the road and hit a median barrier while traveling south on Deans Bridge Parkway near Tobacco Road. Later, he was taken to the hospital.

WJBF went to the Richmond County’s Sheriff’s Office to pick up the incident report. It shows Dr. Frazier “was under the influence of alcohol” and “does not recall what happened”.

“He shouldn’t be out there drinking period whether he’s a board member or parent or anybody. That’s the rule, that’s the law,” says Valerie Hankerson, who lives in Augusta and has grandchildren in the Richmond County School System.

Other board members say they are just finding out about the incident. So why are board members just now finding out almost 11-weeks later? Vice President Venus Cain told me over the phone Frazier didn’t report the incident to any board members and still hasn’t said anything.

A spokesperson for the school system tells us “it would be innapprioriate at this time to make a statement”.

This isn’t the Frazier’s first alcohol-related charge. In 2010, Frazier was arrested and charged with misdemeanor DUI while a principal at Glenn Hills High School.

WJBF went to Frazier’s home to ask for his comment, but wasn’t there.

“I think it’s a definite problem there, and I don’t know how anyone who has put the public at risk on two different occasions. Not only the public, but even himself,” says Thompson.

“He really should’ve learned his lesson from the first one. He got a pass on the first one, I don’t know if he’s going to get a pass on the second one. If he was out there pursuing whatever he did, he did..then he needs to face the consequences. Whether he’s a board member or not,” says Hankerson.

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