Rally held for missing Augusta man, Drew Cato


Local pastors plan to hold a vigil for an Augusta man now missing nearly three weeks.  Law enforcement found Drew Cato’s car in Dogwood Terrace, not long after he went missing back on May 5.  That location is near the site of the vigil.   Some of the CSRA’s people of faith organized the vigil because want to offer what they can to help bring this father of two home. 

Rev. Anthony Walker from Church of Unity Missionary Baptist Church, is one of many pastors brought together by Rev. Larry Fryer.

“This could be our child today or someone else child that we personally know tomorrow.”

As local law enforcement, family and friends search south Augusta for Drew Cato, faith leaders plan to join forces too calling on a higher power to bring home the 29-year-old.

“As being with the faith of Christ, we all have to come together whether it’s our white brothers and sisters or our black brothers and sisters,” Rev. Walker said.  “We have to pull together because God is looking at each and every one of us.”

NewsChannel 6 spoke with Cato’s friends and Fire Tech co-workers who organized the initial search shortly after he went missing. They told us the pipefitter clocked out of work May 5 after 10 o’clock at night and was never seen again.  His car was located at Dogwood Terrace days later.  Investigators told the family Cato’s cell phone pinged off a tower on Winter Road in the Brickyard Pond area.  

“We’re still looking in pretty much the same areas that we were even though we’re looking at more condensed searches,”  said Andy Cato, Drew’s father.

Cato, a father of two, is described as having a star tattoo under his arm and a sleeve tattoo on his left arm.  Cato’s father said the family needs closure.  And he supports the community, such as the local pastors, coming together to make sure that happens.  

Rev. Walker added,  “To make a stand.  If you know some information, to be able to talk to someone and let somebody know what’s going on.  Because somebody knows what’s going on with this situation.”

“If you really want to do something to help our family, if you know somebody that is involved with the case, if they’ve got some information please share it.  There’s a tip line with the Sheriff’s Office.  If there is any camera footage, the Sheriff’s Office wants that also.” Cato said. 

The vigil starts at 6:30 p.m. at Old Savannah Road and Gordon Highway.  There will not be any candles, but lots or prayer. 

Photojournalist: Gary Hipps


There will be a rally held on Thursday, May 24 for missing Augusta man Drew Cato.

The rally will begin at 6:30 pm and the host will be Reverend Fryer. 

Fryer has invited more reverends to attend and the rally will be held on Old Savannah Road, which is where Cato was last scene. 

He has been missing since May 5. 

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