Rain causes flooding in Tignall, GA


Days worth of rain has caused problems for drivers and homeowners in Wilkes County, Georgia.

On Wednesday, we talked to people who live on Florida and Georgia Lanes off Highway 17 in Tignall who were impacted by the rain. Some of them tell us they had feet of water in their crawl spaces this week. They’re thankful it started to dry out on Wednesday.

“All that on the high side back there from like right here. The water was all the way up to like right here up under there,” says Chris Roebuck as he points about 2 feet off the ground outside of his crawl space.

Roebuck walked around to the backside of his house on Georgia Lane earlier this week to find a pool of water.

“I had to get like 20-30 buckets of water. You know, just scooping it out. It wasn’t too bad, but it was bad enough for me you know,” Roebuck says they do not flood often in that part of town. “As it comes, rain from the street, as it drains down, you know all the leaves and stuff, they had it clogged up I guess.”

Thankfully, nothing in Roebuck’s home was damaged. He even had friends come and help him scoop out the water. He says neighbors helping out like that is pretty standard where he lives.

“Oh yeah, this is Tignall. it’s a great community,” Roebuck says with a smile.

More proof of that neighborly spirit one street over on Florida Lane. Stanley Dye kept an eye on the water that flowed from the property across the street from him.

“It’s gotta go somewhere so it just goes out that end and I just keep an eye out for them to make sure nothing goes wrong,” Dye says.

It is not even his house, but he looks out for it while he neighbors are away.

“I was sitting over there and I saw water running out and I be like, I hope it’s not a pipe busted and I come over and be like, nah it’s not a pipe. It’s just coming out from under the house and it just runs a stream right down through here and goes right down to the drain,” Dye explains.

Wilkes County Emergency Management still wants you to drive safely out on the roads. Even if the sun is shining, if you see blockades up, they ask you to please not drive around them. Also, if there is water covering a road or bridge, do not drive through that either.

County Commission Chairman Sam Moore tells NewsChannel 6, they expect to receive some state funding to help repair county roads damaged by flood waters.

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