AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) – A new business is getting ready to make a lot of noise in Downtown Aiken.

“We are Radioactive Pinball Arcade. What we’re bringing is pinball machines and video games from every era,” said Owner Eric Edwards. “We have lots of Classics, some modern video games, and to make sure we have something for everyone we have several multi-cades, each with hundreds and thousands of games on them, so pretty much any game, anybody requests, we can pull up. You just come to the door and then you have a choice of a one hour or an all day pass.”

Radioactive Pinball Arcade opens Sunday, August 27th, and getting to this point has been a journey for Eric Edwards and his family.

“So we’ve basically been here our whole lives, but we were visiting some friends in Florida who wanted to go to a pinball museum, and we reluctantly went, never had any interest in pinball and we had such a great time because it was the same kind of model. You go in, you pay once, you play all day, and a couple hours later we didn’t want to leave, so we sought out other places, with similar business models all over the south east, then we decided we wanted one of our own.”

The business recently had a sneak peek to show off their new facility, and people from around the community were there to show their support.

“It has been incredible, everyone seems to be so excited, if nothing else you can judge it by the face prints on the window here from people trying to get a glimpse,” said Edwards.

“I’m ecstatic everyone’s been saying that we need more entertainment Downtown, more activities for young people. This is for young people, but this is for older people too,” said Aiken City Council Member, Gail Diggs.

“As a grandmother we have four grandchildren and this fits us perfectly and to have a young couple, coming in to Downtown Aiken, and bringing this to the community is much needed and I think they’ll do extremely well as young business folks in this community,” said Aiken City Council Member, Lessie Price.

Radioactive Pinball Arcade is ready to be an exciting addition to the CSRA, and they appreciate all of the community support they’ve received along the way.