Questions concerning absentee voting mailings


AUGUSTA, GA. (WJBF) – With the coronavirus thousands in Augusta are planning to vote absentee this election, so a mail out from the Board of Elections would not seem unusual about the deadlines, but this mail out was unusual.

It came to former mayoral candidate Lori Davis house, a postcard with timelines for dropping off absentee ballots or having them postmarked in time for the June 9th Primary.

“It’s unusual for me to see something like this. I always think about the neighborhood I live in, what was unusual about this it seemed to be impersonating our local Board of Elections.

The postcard includes two phone numbers one is for the Richmond County Board of elections office.

“That’s not anything the Board of Elections Office has done or will do, we don’t do mailing like that,” said Elections Director Lynn Bailey.

And it wasn’t mailed from Augusta, or even Georgia.

“It came out of Seattle, Washington which is a very liberal state of course,” said Davis.

The information on the card is accurate, and Bailey says it isn’t violating any laws, however voters are right now dropping off and mailing in their ballots, then they get this piece of mail.

“It’s causing some confusion and it’s causing us to be very busy down here in the Board of Elections office fielding calls about it,” said Lynn Bailey.

The postcard has another number to text we did so and it said we reached the “Reclaim Our Vote hotline, the groups website says it’s a non partisan voter out reach campaign.

Another twist to this already unusual election year.

Now voting for the June 9th election both in person and through the mail continues starting on Saturday there will be early voting at the Augusta satellite locations and that will continue through the week.

In Augusta, George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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