Pyramid Music: An Augusta Legacy


The journey begins in 1972 with Big G’s Platter Shop, at the time it only sold records.

Noura Gordon says her mother wanted more for her culture. Two years later, Pyramid Music opened. 

“My mother started Pyramid Music, a lot of people thought my father did,” said Gordon. “She wanted to sell more cultural items. Pyramid Music started in 1974; it was a spin-off of Big G’s Platter Shop.

The record store has been a staple in the Augusta area for more than 40 years. It’s been passed down to Noura who is continuing her parent’s legacy.

“It couldn’t be a better job to talk to the everyday person about the music that is going to make them cry, laugh and bring back memories,” said Gordon. “I help people go through the soundtrack of their lives, and that’s a beautiful experience every day.”

In a world where everything is becoming digitized, one customer told NewsChannel 6 reporter Devin Johnson, browsing through the store’s selection is like walking through memory lane.

“They know who where the phenomenal performs back in the 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s, that shaped our music culture,” explained Marlene Moore.

Moore says she prefers shopping here because retail stores don’t have the music African Americans lost.

“Those stores carry what’s on the popular music list,” said Moore. “They don’t have the historical things we may be interested in.” 

There is a genre for everyone who walks into Pyramid Music; from rock, funk, and all the way to hip – hop. One style the owner is proud of is having the biggest gospel selection in the Southeast.

“Music is a universal language, and it brings us all together,” said Gordon.

Over the years the store has brought residents together with their favorite performers.

For most artists, a visit to Augusta wasn’t complete without a stop at Pyramid Music, that included The Godfather of Soul.

The co-owners says Pyramid Music is more than just a record store; it’s a representation of African American culture. 

“If anybody is going to share the culture and express the culture, it should be us,” said Gordon.

The Pyramid Music on Gordon Highway is expecting to shut its doors permanently. But the downtown location is planning to jam out forever on Broad Street. 

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