Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – When it comes to moving the confederate memorial, one idea is to put it to a vote.  

“It should be like they did everywhere else, leaving it there and leaving it all to the politicians, politicians are going to go for what they think is best and what they think will make them look good,” said Johnny Howard. 

 It’s been a year and a half since the Mayors Task Force recommended moving the Confederate memorial off Broad Street.

 One suggestion has been moving it Magnolia Cemetery.

But last week supporters of relocation called for commissioners to approve a binding resolution so the question could be put on the ballot for voters to decide.

“I think it would probably be best if we did put it on the ballot and let the citizens and the voters make that determination,” said Commissioner John Clarke.  

“I am going to talk with my other commissioners and see what they want to do I’m with the majority,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Bobby Williams.

The Task Force recommend moving the memorial not letting voters decide a binding resolution.

“I’d like for the commission to do it today, but I don’t oppose putting it before the voters as long as it gets done, I am satisfied,” said Mallory Millender, a member of the mayor’s Task Force.

“You put it on the ballot that it be removed, or it stays in place it also stops a lot of conflict that takes place here in the community,” said Howard.

“So, you would like to see it on the ballot?”

“It would be best to be on the ballot,” said Howard.

But the Elections office is saying though binding resolutions are legal they are not sure if one could be used for moving the memorial, so commissioners may still have the final say.