AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – It’s been a topic of conversation for seniors, what will they be paying in taxes after getting those property reassessment letters a couple of months ago.  

“Some they went up on tax when we would get in our group, we discuss it and they say what are they doing down there,” said Ruby Dunbar.

What commissioners have tried to do is set this year’s tax rate, but they’re divided and deadlocked because some want to go with the rollback rate leaving property taxes roughly the same but costing the city about a half million dollars in new revenue.

“I’m looking out for those taxpayers out there that have seen tax assessments a lot of them have seen tax assessments go up twenty to forty percent this year,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.  

But the city and school board tax bills can’t go out until commissioners set the millage rate, and efforts to compromise have failed.

And those who support only the rollback are being accused of playing games. 

“We have a fiduciary responsibility to this city that I think we’re playing politics with and is disappointing to see,” said Commissioner Jordan Johnson.  

The seniors are playing bingo at Eastview but they’re not playing when they say they are concerned about the cost of living.

Gas, food, taxes everything,” said Dunbar. 

“Do you want to pay more in taxes this September?” 

Not this September I know nothing lasts forever but you know we’ve been struggling,” said Dunbar.  

Commissioners are also struggling when it comes to setting the millage rate in Augusta.