Protect your home from pollen


It’s filling our streets, the hoods of our cars, and even sticking to our rear windows.

Project Manager for Bailey’s Comfort Services, Joel Ridolfi, says, “we’re in the peak season of pollen here in Augusta.”

Yep, pollen has painted our city yellow and even though we cannot change the mundane, we can fix what’s within the four walls of our homes.

“Most of us that have allergies, the doctors keep us maintained, not cured through medications, but these same doctors will tell us that if we attack that problem in our home through devices such as filtration or UV lamps, that about half the people can get off of those meds,” says Ridolfi.

UV lighting eliminates mildew and mold, and different filters work best to purify the air in your home, one of them being fiber glass filters that can be bought at supply stores.

President of Gold Mech, Tim Brown, says, “they can improve by going to a pleated filter, which is a little bit of a heavier duty filter. it helps protect against the pollen.”

These filters are four inch filters called Media Filters. It is recommended to change a normal, one-inch filter every 30 days, but Media Filters are changed annually.

“But it can get particles down to 0.3 microns out of the air, which are the ones that bother us,” says Ridolfi.

It is the small particles we don’t see that really effects us. So, running a fan in your house helps.

“One of the things you can do to the thermostat is turn the fan from automatic to on and run the fan continuously to move that air through your house to filter as much air as possible,” says Brown.

One thing to note is that when changing your filter, you will see the pollen being absorbed.

To help filter the air in your home, you can limit the amount of times you open your windows and doors.

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