Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – Testimony has wrapped up for the day at the Federal Courthouse in Augusta with the prosecution scheduled for at least one more witness on Thursday in the trail of Sammie Sias. 

Sias is accused of destruction of documents or evidence then lying to the FBI about those documents. 

This stems from a 2019 FBI investigation into sales tax spending by Sias at the Jamestown Community Center. 

Testimony on Wednesday included Donna Williams Augusta Finance Director who testified Jamestown received more than $180-thousandd dollars in sales tax funds. 

Also, testifying past and present officers of the Sandridge Community Association, Sandridge has a contract with the city to operate Jamestown. 

Both officers testified that Sias has complete control over finances at Jamestown. 

The FBI testified that two hours have getting a subpoena Sias began deleting hundreds of files and folders from his laptop. 

But in cross examination the FBI told jurors Sias did not have document destroying software on his laptop nor did he take a match or hammer to it to destroy documents. 

The prosecution is scheduled to call an FBI Forensic Accountant to testify Thursday, over the objection of Sias defense team.