COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF)- Plans for a proposed shopping center on Columbia Road at Hereford Farm Road will not go forward, at least for now.

Augusta I20 Developers submitted their preliminary plans for a shopping center on 11 acres north of Columbia Road, but Thursday those plans were withdrawn before the Columbia County Planning and Commission meeting kicked off.

“The owner developer decided to table it so they could maybe make more contact with the neighbors and get a little more information from the county themselves,” the project’s civil engineer, Bo Slaughter said.

If the Planning Commission or Board of Commissioners had denied the developers request for rezoning, they would have had to wait six months before submitting any new plans for the land.

Slaughter says the developer withdrew the plans because it was likely to be denied as is.

“This way we can work it into the following meeting or the next and get back on and not have to wait six months for different zoning,” Slaughter said.

Residents of Four Oaks Community say the plan needs work before it comes back to the Planning Commission.

“We did have concerns with that big development there and at this time we just don’t want to see that happen just yet. We would like to see development in the area, but something maybe on a smaller scale,” said a Four Oaks Community resident.

Four Oaks Community residents may see a new proposal soon. Since the proposal was withdrawn and not denied, the developer can make a new proposal as soon as this week.

“I think the developer knows maybe that’s just a little bit too large for that area, maybe they’ll come back with something better and something more realistic,” a Four Oaks Community resident said.

“Now there were a few reasons that were brought out today by the neighbors that need to be addressed. To me that’s the biggest concern,” Slaughter said.