AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) — Finding a place to shower when you’re homeless isn’t easy — just ask Lionel Freeman.

“It’s kind of bad for the homeless right now because there’s only one place to take a shower once a week unless you’re inside a shelter, but all the shelters are full.”

It’s a problem local nonprofit Project Refresh is hoping to fix with their mobile shower unit.

“Our hope in doing this was to be able to facilitate dignity in a person once again,” Project Refresh treasurer Brittany Hutto said.

The organization recently received a $15,000 grant from Community Foundation to help them get their mobile shower unit running in January.

After 18 months of waiting they have their first trailer fully equipped with a regular and handicap accessible shower.

“It’s very humbling to us as individuals to see this finally here in our faces. Tangible and we can touch it. It’s beautiful,” Hutto said.

It will give the homeless access to showers in several locations in the downtown Augusta area.

“You go in there you take a shower, you come out and we get to give you clean clothes. We’re going to hand you that next point of contact for everything you need — food, clothing what have you.”

For people like Freeman, it means being able to shower more than once a week.

“With this mobile shower it will be a thing for everybody that’s out on the street. I think that will be a plus for everybody that’s homeless. You can take shower and change clothes? That’s a plus,” Freeman said.

Project Refresh leaders said they are hoping to be able to serve hundreds in a week as the project expands.

“Hopefully, we’ll work it up to where we can do somewhere between 100 and 200 a showers a week maybe later down the road, but that’s probably a couple years or a couple months down the road at least.”

And that is good news for Freeman.

“There’s nothing like that hot water,” Freeman said.