AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- One local organization helps homeless people feel a little more like themselves and NewsChannel 6 is happy to help bring awareness. 

Most people don’t give a shower a second thought, they just do it. But for some, that’s not the case. 

“Some of these people haven’t had a shower for a year and it just doesn’t make you feel like you,” President and founding member Kimberly Bugher said.

Right here in the CSRA, Project Refresh aims to help at least one person feel themselves again– just one shower at a time. 

“A shower, to us, means being able to give someone a piece of their dignity back. It makes someone feel human– if you think about if you were outside for a hot day and you can’t take a shower when you’re done with your work, what would you do,” Bugher said. 

Hand in hand with other local organizations, they’re celebrating one year by hosting a donation drive. 

And WJBF is helping to contribute to the number of showers provided to our community. 

“Reported with us a couple of times and have been a part of our journey from the very beginning, but in terms of the drive and stuff this sit he first time that you guys have come alongside of us and we’re super excited and very appreciative of it for sure,” Acting Treasurer and founding member Brittany Hutto said.

From now until March 13th, donations are being accepted at our front office at Television Park, located at 1336 Augusta West Parkway in Augusta. 

And if you’re close to one, Security Federal Banks throughout the CSRA are also accepting donations. 

“We are always collecting things. On our website we have a running list of things that we need for that– the next particular event and then thereafter. So, that’s an ongoing cycle for us,” Hutto said.

Taking a shower could be as small as washing the day away, or as big as putting a smile on someone’s face.

Some of the items that are needed are located on Project Refresh’s website.