Project Paws Alive raises money for Aiken County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit


Aiken County Sheriff’s Office is hoping to keep their K-9 units safe on Giving Back Tuesday.

They teamed up with Project Paws Alive to help raise money to get their animals safety gear.

The gear will be raised for K-9’s Ripa and LannesThey are two of eight working dogs and 11 blood hounds.

Captain Eric Abdullah with Aiken County Sheriff’s Office, says, “they work heavily with narcotics. They all are getting this heavy rotation working drug cases, and sometimes you have to deal with a criminal element that doesn’t like animals.”

So, they were in need of protection for their four-legged heroes, but equipment can range from $500-$3,000.

That’s where Project Paws Alive came to the rescue.

“Paws have approached us and they are doing this out of the kindness of their heart and we are greatly appreciative of anybody that provides a donation,” says Captain Abdullah.

Starting a fundraiser in the beginning of the week, they’ve already raise just over $3,000, but a Project Paws Alive representative told NewsChannel 6 that their goal is $8,000.

“Eventually our goal is to insure that each one of them has protective gear. Each handler has a first aid kit, narcan kit, get an outfit east patrol vehicle with the door popper system, where the doors open with a cooling system and so forth,” says Captain Abdullah.

With the dangerous work these dogs do, each little piece of equipment donated is important, because even without it, they are still on the clock.

NewsChannel 6 reporter, Jenna Kelley, asked Captain Abdullah, “are these two dogs right now not able to go out because they don’t have the vests?”

“No, no they are working,” he responded.

Aiken County Sheriff’s Office has received donations for other K-9 units in the past. Captain Eric Abdullah says the sheriff’s office is thankful for those who want to give back.

“These dogs are essentially employees of the county, which is serving our citizens of the county. They are just as important as their human partners. We rely on them heavily to do that work that we as human beings can’t do,” says Captain Abdullah.

The fundraiser will last until the end of the week. If you would like to donate you can click HERE.

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