AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – It’s been quite the journey for Project Linus in Augusta, giving out 400 blankets in 2018, 3500 in 2020, and they keep growing.

Project Linus is a non-profit organization where volunteers, called ‘Blanketeers’ come together to make handmade security blankets and donate them to children.

“This year we’ve delivered more than 7,000 blankets. I attribute it to so many different organizations , we have high schools that are making blankets, we have middle schools that are making blankets girl scout troops, and then we have retirement communities, we have five or six different churches that help us,” said Chapter Coordinator for Project Linus CHapter of Augusta, Christine Newby.

The group continues to grow and now they need help from the community.

“We are growing so fast and we have lots of people who donate material. I’ve got a lot of quilting material, in fact we’re using a lot of our quilting material to make these really cool Eye Spy blankets and these blankets are something that almost anyone can sew together, so I want more people to learn how to quilt. I need a lot of fleece supplies because there’s so many students and retired people who can’t afford the materials. So I need help with purchasing those supplies, or gift cards, or donations, or sponsoring,” said Newby.

Not only are the blankets helping kids in need but it’s also helping some of the volunteers.

“We have a middle school student who’s autistic. Three of his teachers have written to me because he has learned how to make these tied blankets, he can tie a knot, he can’t cut the fringe but he can tie a knot. His teachers have written to me, he’s calmer in class, he plays closer attention, because they actually allow him to make the blankets during class time. He is so excited about being calmer, and better in school, and he’s now realizing he’s helping other children that are his age. This boy is making between twenty, and thirty blankets a month. I need sponsors to help students like him,” said Newby.

Project Linus is all about helping kids in need, and those here in the Augusta Chapter are thankful for everyone who has helped them so far.

“When I am a blanket day, it’s the third Saturday of every month, my feet don’t even touch the ground because there is so many friendships that have formed, older folks working with the younger children to help them learn a new skill set, to learn how to give back to their community, and I’m so excited because we’re making a difference in this community, not only for the children that receive the blankets but also for the people that make the blankets,” said Newby.

Project Linus meets the third Saturday of every month at Platt’s Funeral Home in Evans from 9am to 1pm.