Project Linus expanding mission to provide blankets for children in need


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– Project Linus is an organization that makes blankets for children in need. Chapter coordinator, Christine Newby, says a Richmond County social worker asked for 450 blankets for the homeless children in their county, with a deadline in January.

“We were able to meet that goal,” Newby said. “We’re still working with her on the delivery, because 450 blankets is a lot of blankets to deliver.”

It was made possible through the help of the community at one of their blanket making days, where they broke a personal record for a single day.

“We had 231 blankets made and donated, just last Saturday,” Newby said.

Now, they’re working toward new goals.

“We’ve been asked for another 600 blankets for various organizations,” Newby said. “So this year is really starting off where everyone is understanding the need. Not only the people that want to deliver the blankets to the children, but also the blanketeers making them.”

Newby says one of those organizations is Christ Community Health Center downtown.

“Dr. Jen said, ‘Our teens are so lonely and so depressed,’ and she said, ‘We can’t give them a hug, but we can give them a blanket,'” Newby said.

She believes these blankets make a big difference in kids’ lives.

“You pick up a blanket and you can just feel the love that’s in it that is just going to surround a child that needs it,” Newby said.

Project Linus has another blanket making day scheduled for February 20th.

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