Project Linus continues woman’s legacy through “Peggy’s Quilts”


AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) – Project Linus is keeping the memory of one its Blanketeers alive.

“We started very small in 2018. We did 400 blankets. In 2019, we ended up with a thousand and in 2020 we wanted to make 2,020 blankets. We hit that 2,020 number by July of 2020 and we ended up the year with 3,500 Blankets,” said Christine Newby, Chapter Coordinator for Project Linus.

Project Linus donates blankets to kids in need. Their success is due to so many people coming together and supporting the group. While all of the volunteers are special, one woman, Peggy Stanley, stood out.

“She came in and she just lit up the room. She’s a quilter. She was so excited about the different quilts. We had just started working with quilters because we had a long arm sewing machine that was donated to us and we really needed quilters because we wanted to make a hundred quilts in the next year and she made such an impact to us and then she passed away,” said Newby.

“My mom actually told me that she was going to be joining the Project Linus group and when she came home from her first meeting she just went on and on and on about how wonderful the group was and how excited she was to be a part of this project. She had already picked out a pattern that she wanted to use for her first quilt for Project Linus. Unfortunately, my mom was not able to make her first quilt. She passed away before that quilt came to life. So, I donated the rest of her supplies back to Project Linus because I was surprised at how much supplies she actually had,” said Peggy’s daughter, Ellen Jennings.

Now, with those quilting supplies in hand, the Blanketeers are making ‘Peggy’s’ quilts.

“She had a pattern that she really liked that she put in with some of the material and it’s just so amazing how many lives that she’s touched, all the quilts that are coming in, all the material that we have for people that want to make quilts who can’t afford them,” said Newby.

Peggy was a lover of the art of quilting and spent most of her time volunteering for different organizations.

“She recognized the joy the individuals had in creating blankets and serving those children who were experiencing trauma of whatever sort,” said Peggy’s friend and companion, Dick Stepakof.

Even though Peggy is no longer with us, her quilts and the impact she had on Project Linus is everlasting: proving one person can make a difference.

“I think my mom would be just flabbergasted at the impact that she has had on this one chapter for Project Linus. I can’t even begin to explain how deeply this moves me and how deeply this would have moved my mother. I know she is smiling on us with probably blanket ideas for these woman to use and its just unbelievable to me,” said Jennings.

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