Project Freedom Ride transported 38 dogs to rescue shelters in New York and New Hampshire


Project Freedom Ride takes dogs to rescue shelters around the country.

The nonprofist organization prevents dogs from getting euthanized.

The founder of Project Freedom Ride is seven-year-old Roman McConn. He says his love for dogs stems back to 2016.

“So, basically it’s just cause of my fourth birthday, when I wanted to raise donations to help a local shelter in Texas,” says McConn.

For the past two years he’s been giving hundreds of dogs a one way ticket to Project Freedom Ride.

“Our nonprofit helps animals that are unwanted from shelters and  transport them up north,” says McConn.

38 of these puppies are going to be transported to New York and New Hampshire.”

Owner of Turbo Trails Transport, Dione Sackman, says “we would take up to about 18 hours to get to where we need to go.”

For Dione,18 hours with cute four legged friends is  a walk in the park.

“We’re part of the chain to save lives and it’s just absolutely amazing,” says Sackman.

Project Freedom Ride sends paw prints all over the country.

“It makes me feel great that i’m helping all these animals,” says McConn.

These freedom rides help more than just the puppies that are transported.

Founder of Project Freedom Rides and mother of Roman, Jennifer McConn, says, “things like this not only help the dogs that are leaving, but it makes room for the dogs that are here.”

She hopes these transports bring awareness to our community.

“There’s definitely a problem of overpopulation here, hopefully people see that when you’re a community that has to send dogs out, that you know we’ve got to make some changes,” she says.

And she has one person to thank…Her son Roman.

“It’s always moving when we have transports because it’s because of him that we are able to do this,” she says.

About 1,800 dogs have been saved in the past three years. The next transport is May 22.

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