Proclamation for Women’s Veterans Day on June 12


On June 12, 1948, President Trumann signed in to law that women could be fully part of the military.

71 Years later, in 2019, The Women’s Veteran’s Organization of the CSRA requested Columbia County sign a proclamation to recognize women veterans.

Commander of the Women’s Veteran Organization of the CSR, Gloria Jean Hamilton, says, this day just kind of highlights us a little bit to say ‘yes there are female veterans.’

At the commission meeting Tuesday night, Columbia County signed the proclamation naming June 12 Women’s Veterans Day. Governor Kemp also took notice.

The government signed it, just last week, says Hamilton.

While the proclamation is being done locally, she hopes to blaze a trail of recognition nationally.

This is one way Hamilton is trying to bring what she calls the invisible few to light. 

She says, I can be standing side beside with my husband, I can have a hat that says military veteran, army retired, it doesn’t matter. They will acknowledge him as the veteran and not acknowledge me.

Her friend, retired Lt. Colonel Wendy Perry, says it happens all the time. She too has experienced similar situations with her and her husband.

He often will be the one that says well she also served, and even, in that moment, it will be ‘well that’s nice, thank you’ and then they will continue talking to him, so it happens quite often, says Perry.

They say it is not just for acknowledgement, but to make others aware that women served the same roles as men.

You hear about men in the military, their service, their contributions, they are recognized in many ways, and often, when we review history, that’s all it depicts, says Perry.

She says this is a movement that will inspire young women.

Women have always been leaders, and I think sometimes you just need that little push, says Perry.

Hamilton says, sometimes all it takes is a little bit of sunshine to keep you going.

June 8 is the Pampering Patriots’ event where the Women’s Veterans Organization of the CSRA will be hosting the festivities, before June 12.

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