NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) – This Saturday, March 25th, in North Augusta at the Sharon Jones Amphitheater, Southpaw Roofing and REC’ing Crew are presenting Rocking for a Miracle. We had Pam Stickler from REC’ing Crew and Heather Johnson from Southpaw Roofing to tell us about the event.

Happy to have both of you here to talk about this big event but first let’s learn a little bit about your organizations. Pam, let’s start with you.

“The REC’ing crew is a non profit, that provides leisure and recreational for individuals with any type of a disability  as long as they are six years of age or older, and currently we have about one hundred and eighty members that participate in one or more of the fourteen programs,” said Pam.

Very nice, and Heather?

“Southpaw Roofing is roofing replacements and room repairs and roof inspections,” said Heather.

What can people expect from this show?

So Ryan Abel and Goin South are going to be performing, Ryan promised two sets of southern rock, one of them being all Lynyrd Skynyrd. So if you’re a big southern rock fan, it’s going to be a great time,” said Heather.

What are all the proceeds from the show going to?

“It’s basically going to be a multipurpose miracle league field that we’ve been fortunate to be able to build in the city of North Augusta, at Riverview Park within their baseball complex. So we’re going to be right there with all the other baseball programs, and this will be a multipurpose, in the aspect that we can do more, besides just baseball, we can do other sports on it. The surface will be special, it will be a soft surface, which will make it totally accessible for any type of disabled athlete to play on it. The dugouts will be deeper so that you can get in and out, and it just gives them an opportunity to be included in their community and play the same thing that everybody else is doing.”

 Why is it important to have this kind of field in North Augusta?

“I think what’s important is that, first of all, the individuals will be right within their own community and that makes them feel included in it. The field will be special because they’ll be able to move around it easily, as you and I can on a regular surface. A lot of them have siblings that are on the regular baseball teams and this way they can do the same thing they’re brothers and sisters are doing,” said Pam.

“We’re very honored to be partnering with Pam, she’s great with the REC’ing Crew. If you’ve never seen them go out and practice, these kids love this game. They’re hindered a little bit by what they have access to so we’re very excited to get this field built, and get these kids and young adults out there and for everybody to have a great time,” said Heather.

Is bringing awareness important as well?

“Yes, awareness is huge. These people are individuals that are in this community. They’re in your church, they’re in your kids’ class, you see them at the grocery stores, so that’s why it’s important at Southpaw Roofing that we give back to the community that has given to us.”

Anything you want to say to get people to come out to this event?

“We try to make all of our programs as affordable as we possibly can for our individuals. We absorb the most costs that we can so all these individuals are on very limited budgets, so it’s important for them to be able to do these things. I think one of the other big things is that this field will not just be for the REC’ing crew and our activities. We have already reached out to the special ed. departments for all the school districts and for those who have transitioned out of the school programs into adult cares, this is for any agency that’s serving anyone with a disability.”

Now you guys are doing well as far as ticket sales, correct?

“The VIP tables are sold out. We have a few general admission tickets left, they are forty dollars each, gates open at 7pm, the concert starts at 730pm, and if you want you can go to Eventbrite, or you can go to”