Prison to Power sets out to save our youth


Organizers of Prison to Power held a Save Our Youth event at the Bernie Ward Community Center this evening to try to help prevent youth crimes. 

” I heard about the crime that’s going on around here I said man this need to be the next stop that I go make a difference at,” says Kent Osbourn, Founder of Prison to Power. 

Kent Osbourn turned his life around from crime and years in prison at an early age. And now, He’s using his story to inspire teenagers and keep them from walking in his shoes. 

“We have a lot of stuff that goes on in the community with our youth and we want to be able to save them before it’s too late,” says Alphonso Forrest, Deputy Sheriff: 

The event marks the second stop of the Prison to Power: Save Our Youth tour launched by Osbourn. He tells us he wants to spread awareness to kids in the community to make the right choices with hopes of keeping them out of prison. 

“I’m on a different mission, and my mission now is to save as many youth that I can by using my story and using my testimony to share what I’ve been through, so they won’t make the same mistakes that I made,” says Kent Osbourn, Prison to Power Testimonial Speaker.

People of all ages in the area crowded in to listen to speakers who have been in jail or knows someone who has been locked up. 

One mother says she partnered with Osbourn after her son and nephew were arrested. 

“My son also received 25 years in prison, so at the age of 19 and my nephew received 15 at the age of 17. So I thought this was a good thing to do,” says Cheniera Roberts, speaker at Prison to Power. 

A student we spoke with at the event says he thought it was important to share his story at the event, because other young people might relate to him. 

“I saw the main goal of this was to save our youth. And when I looked at the line up of the people that were supposed to be speaking and they were all adults. And I knew that there needed to be that youth advocate who could reach out to his peers on the same level, so I decided I wanted to speak at this event for that reason,” says William McClain, Youth Advocate. 

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