HARLEM, Ga. (WJBF) – A historic pecan plant in Harlem is on the market – and after yet another price reduction, people who live there are ready to see it sold.

Once known as Tracy Luckey Pecan Company, the plant was a staple in Downtown Harlem from 1950 until it closed a few years ago. Now, the empty building is wasting away.

“They did candied pecans that they sold into primarily the ice cream industry. And it’s just been a touchstone and foundation stone of Harlem forever,” said Renee Meyer Dean, a long-time Harlem resident. “Just the main industry right in the middle of town.”

It was bought in 2007 by Chase Pecan, LP, who owns San Saba Pecan. They closed the plant in 2018.

“Once it was bought by a big corporation, it’s a line on a spreadsheet,” Meyer Dean said.

In 2020, the nearly 87,000 square foot building with the almost 4-acre lot was on the market for close to $1.1 million.

Now, it’s priced at $690,000.

“We’ve had a lot of people come look, developers, nosey nellies, you name it. And I just hope this jewel in the middle of our downtown will catch someone’s eye and they can do it justice,” said Roxanne Whitaker, the mayor of Harlem.

People who live and work in downtown Harlem, hope that someone buys it soon and puts something beneficial there.

“Being right here in the middle of town, I would love to see something fun. Something that’s gonna bring either tourism, or retail business, or even residential into town,” Meyer Dean said. “It’s such a vital location right here in the middle of town, that it sitting empty is hurting town.”

Residents we spoke to also hope that whatever goes here, fits with the downtown atmosphere.

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