HEPHZIBAH, Ga. (WJBF)- A local family drew on their church community for help to keep hopeful about their missing loved. Those who know Keith Styburski joined in prayer for his return.

“Let’s bow our heads together,” said the pastor of Miracle Baptist Church in Hephzibah. “Father, we come to you tonight as a group of believers. As family and friends of Ms. Sally Williams.”

Prayers for a mother still holding out on hope for her missing son.

“He is healthy and that he is safe and that you are watching over him and God that he will be found and he will be returned to his mother and to his family,” he went on.

The Miracle Baptist Church family held one another tight and circled the family of 37-year-old Keith Styburski. Calling on God for his safe return. At moments, the situation just all too emotional for Sally Williams, his mother.

“I don’t have much hope left,” she told NewsChannel 6 in a follow up interview.

In the midst of it all, Williams said she draws strength from her church community after nearly three months since her son’s disappearance.

“Especially when there’s more than one, two people praying there’s more power in prayer,” she said.

Keith Styburski Timeline:

His mother, daughter and other loved ones want answers.

“I think the investigators need to do more. I think they need to step in and do their job. We as his family shouldn’t be accountable for that,” Angel Styburski said.

The public can help too. The family said love, support and prayers are needed. People can also keep an eye open for him too. Loved ones say Styburski usually can be found in one of three places.

“He frequented Savannah. He frequented downtown Augusta by the river, his friends off Nellie Drive,” Angel Styburski said.