Pranked: Joke’s on Jennie this April Fool’s Day!


It started with a frantic call from the WJBF NewsChannel 6 front desk:

“Jennie, a gentleman is here for his interview on your show.  He’s here with the (local college) golf team.”

“But my show is on Tuesdays, Maxine.  And I don’t have a golf team booked!”

Thus began the tug-of-war to get me to go up to the front office and talk to the gentleman who was not budging about a pre-arranged taping for The Jennie Show.

“I’m not coming up there, Maxine.  I’ll send my director, Nikki. She can calm him down. I think he’s at the wrong station.”

Nikki got nowhere. She found me in the newsroom and said I really had to go and talk with this gentleman, who was up there with the golf team.  I realized I would have to straighten out this mess myself, so I asked her to come with me (thinking I needed the moral support).

A friendly gentleman, in a green Masters windbreaker, reached out to shake my hand. He introduced himself as Daryl Walker and wondered how I could have forgotten about our interview. Then went on to remind me that next week was Masters and we were “getting it in before Masters.”

“I’m quite aware that next week is Masters Week,” I interrupted.  “And we are not taping my show next week. My show is on Tuesdays anyway, not Mondays. I can assure you we have not scheduled your golf team today.”

We went back and forth for a few minutes until he finally paused and asked, “Could we just reschedule, please.”

“We wouldn’t be rescheduling, Daryl, because we haven’t scheduled anything to begin with.  We could schedule something…”

This time he interrupted: “Well, I’m looking at my calendar and it says today is April first which makes this APRIL FOOL’S DAY!!!”

Nikki and Maxine (who was in on this from the start) doubled-over laughing as it hit me…  that I’d been pranked. Then I playfully punched Daryl’s arm and hugged his neck!

Daryl says April 1 is like a holiday to him. “It’s refreshing to take a break from normal life and have a good laugh!”

Good one, Daryl-  you got me hook, line and sinker!

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