AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Things are quiet at the small remote-controlled racetrack at Bayvale Park, and the worry is things will stay this way.

“It’s kind of like a recreational sport and keep it alive,” said Robert Davis, of Augusta RC Supercross. 

For more than twenty years, Augusta RC Supercross has been holding races and events at Bayvale Park, with the group doing most of the heavy lifting to keep things on course.

“The driver stand we have fully paid for ourselves; the city has not put any of those out here we’ve done it now we can’t bring hardly any money because we have no power,” said Davis.

It’s started with the track lights. Following the tragic death of a 12-year-old at Fleming Park, the city inspected the track lights and determined work was needed putting the repair costs at $150,000. 

Now the park has no power at all, making it nearly impossible to hold the large events that come to the track.

“We can’t bring in races if they can’t charge their batteries,” said Davis.

Davis is scheduled to speak to commissioners on Tuesday to get support to restore power and saying he’s called electricians who say the lights can be rewired for $25,000.

Commissioners say the issue needs more investigation.

“If the city has any responsibility toward the facility, then we would have to look at it and come up with something but if we don’t, we don’t,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

For almost this entire century, remote control racing has been taking place at Bayvale Park, but it could be on the way out due to a loss of power.