Potential new property for North Augusta fire station


A new fire station is on it’s way to North Augusta, but the right property is still in question.

Council attempted to zone it in the historic district, but residents weren’t happy.

Council called a special work session tonight for a new property.

The property they tried zoning the firestation for was at the corner of Georgia Avenue and Observatory Avenue.

That intersection is also where a historic building stands, the Flythe property.

Residents were relieved when council tabled the discussion at the last meeting giving them hope for new land.

Bill Scott, who lives next to the Flythe Property, says, “I sit out there late in the afternoons and early in the mornings, and all I hear is the birds sing.”

Listening to the birds and enjoying the outdoors is a daily routine for Scott. He moved to Georgia Avenue and Observatory Avenue because he felt safe.

“There are other places. If there was no other place to put it I would understand,” says Scott.

Luckily for him and his neighbors, city council paused building a fire station on historic property, while they search for one that’s more accommodating.

Mayor of North Augusta, Bob Pettit, says, “there’s a property on Martintown Road between Martintown Rd. and Clay St. We’ve been calling it the Clay St. property. We’ve had some discussions with the property owner, and we want to present that information to council in a public forum so the citizens can understand what the situation is.”

Choosing the right property dates all the way back to 2016. That was before Mayor Pettit stepped into his position. This isn’t the only property that was considered.

“The city has looked at–oh, I don’t know the exact number–13 or 15 properties in the vicinity of the two properties we are talking about now, and for one reason or another, they weren’t selected or couldn’t be selected,” says Mayor Pettit.

The Clay St. property is one Mayor Pettit is hopeful for.

“Predominantly, I think the discussion about the Flythe Property on Georgia Ave. is that it’s in a historic area,” says Mayor Pettit.

Scott says it is more than just the history. It is also the noise and the traffic.

He says this whole issue has divided the community before anything has even been approved.

“I hate this. We’ve never had this much animosity, and I just want us to get along. That’s all. My wife and I, and I think all the neighbors, we just want peace here that’s all we want,” says Scott.

The meeting tonight included talks of how much the property was appraised for. If the council is not on board, the residents’ fight for new land will continue.

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