This week’s devastating fire at the Georgia-Pacific plant is still smoldering. It will continue to burn itself out. Officials say the plant is a total loss, leaving workers to wonder what the future holds for them.

Understandingly, locals are hoping for the best. A spokesperson from the McDuffie County Chamber of Commerce said at least 100 people work at the Georgia-Pacific plant. Making the fire’s impact felt across the entire McDuffie County community and the surrounding area economically.

The Chamber spokesperson also said they are deeply saddened by the loss of the particle board plant, and they hope everything will be resolved soon so employees can get back to work. 

We spoke with a couple of people who work at a popular restaurant in Thomson, Sweet T’s, and they say many Georgia-Pacific workers come in to enjoy their food.

“We only have a very few big corporations here so anything that happens to any plant is a major setback for us, economy wise,” said Debbie Bowick.

Tawnie Poss added, “I would do all I can to reach out whether I had things at home that I can give to other friends as a part to show my love toward them and toward their family.” 

Georgia-Pacific is working on a plan on what to do next.

The company was founded as a paper manufacturer in 1927 in Augusta. Now it’s headquartered in Atlanta.

Over the years, Georgia-Pacific has donated more than $1 million to volunteer fire departments across the United States.

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