Porch Pirate swipes items from a Columbia County neighborhood


A thief has been swiping packages off a few porches in a Columbia County neighborhood.

All thanks to a doorbell security camera called the Ring App, the suspected thief was caught redhanded.

One neighbor said she tracked her package online. It said delivered, and it did deliver.

She just didn’t receive it, but the thief was caught on camera.

An exciting online shopping spree quickly turned to be a criminal nightmare.

Porch Pirate Victim, Jennifer Hannahrose Rushing, says, “it was about 3 p.m. and my husband is here and I was like ‘hey, where did you put my packages?’ And he’s like ‘what packages?'”

She wondered if it was a mail mix up, but found a decorative picture frame on her porch.

“So, that was when it really clicked that something weird was happening. So, I went and I checked my ring,” says Rushing.

Caught on camera, a woman holding a bag came up her stairs with the picture frame. In the video, you can see her stuffing the Amazon packages in her bag.

“She left the photo, which is funny because I took it to the police to get fingerprinted,” says Rushing.

The Ring App connected Jennifer to a neighbor that said the same girl stole from them, as well.

Property Crimes Division Investgator, Ken Waller, says, “the suspect is now under investigation for two crimes of that nature.”

A Richmond County deputy also connected the suspect to a similar crime.

“I would presume that Richmond County also has warrants outstanding for the suspect in the same manner,” says Waller.

It doesn’t end there. Jennifer surfed the web and found the woman posting brand new items on to buy and sell pages.

“I think what was happening was that she was taking packages from people’s front yards, opening them up, and then selling them on the online Facebook marketplace groups,” says Rushing.

A porch pirate with a motive, but she left all the pieces to get caught: a noticeable tattoo on her chest, her car, and a clear viewing of her face in the middle of the day.

“I looked at my Ring, and my neighbor right over there was mowing his lawn, while this happened because she looked like she really belonged here. She brought that photo in her bag, and she had sunglasses on, and I guess you don’t think that people are doing in this in broad daylight but you still need to watch out,” says Rushing.

Investigator Ken Waller says even though porch pirates increase on the holidays, it happens year round. He says we are active members to our own safety and to plan before sending a package.

As for Jennifer, she says will be buying more security cameras.

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