Summer break is here, and that means kids will be outside playing. However, the playground can be a dangerous place during the summer.

“Even if it’s only 80 degrees outside, I felt hot the equipment being hot before,” said the mother of three Nikki Daniel. So I always check.”

July is ” Park and Recreation Month.” The focus is on health and activities at your local park.

As the summer heat starts to rise, some playgrounds are just too hot for kids to play on. 

“I typically touch it the equipment first with my hand,” explained Daniel. “I just went over to the slide and put my hand on it, and told my kids they can’t slide today because it’s just too hot.”

When is the best time of the day to let your kids play outside?

Dr. James Wilde says before noon and after 5 pm. The rest of the day is too hot.

“Because the suns are the most intense during that time.

“The UV light is intense, so sunburns become an issue,” said Dr. Wilde. “Temperatures are at the highest and so overheating can become an issue.”

I checked the temperature on a few pieces of equipment, and it was at triple digits. 

“My daughter wanted to go swing, but because there was no shade over there,” said Daniel. “I just knew it was going to be too hot. So we pretty much skipped the equipment for the water.”

“With the temperature rising, it can affect the equipment,” explained Britney Humbles. “So I like to play around with it just before I let my daughter play.”

Dr. Wilde says he rarely sees kids come in the er with playground burn injuries.

He encourages all parents to monitor the time of day when they let their kids go out and play. 

“Most people are pretty savvy about not touching a metal object,” explained the doctor. “Most of the playgrounds are constructed so that kinda of hazard isn’t as common as it used to be.”