SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — On the evening of Sept. 15, during a football game between Savannah High and Cross Creek, a player from each team began to fight on the field and the situation escalated and more players became involved. This led SCCPSS officials to end the game in the third quarter, according to a press release sent out by the district and a WSAV phone call to a SCCPSS official.

One source said there were five or six players involved in the fight and Savannah High coaches and SCCPSS officials at the game went on the field to de-escalate the situation.

As coaches were attempting to break up the fight, a Savannah High coach “was injured after being hit with a helmet,” according to the press release.

Also according to SCCPSS, one Savannah High player was transported to the hospital for a medical evaluation. The other injuries are considered minor. Officials say the fight was contained to the field. District athletic staff made the decision, within moments of the fight to call the game for safety purposes.

All spectators were asked to leave the stadium and two juveniles were taken into custody momentarily following a separate incident in the parking lot, but both were released back to their parents and guardians, according to the district statement.

The majority of the crowd exited the stadium without another incident and no other arrests were made.

The district says it regrets the incident occurred. Student-athletes involved in the incident on the field will face appropriate consequences according to the SCCPSS Student Code of Conduct.

At the time the game was called, Cross Creek led, 28-0, in the third quarter.

This is the second time SCCPSS officials decided to end a game early this season. The first incident occurred the first week of the high school football season between Benedictine and Jenkins on Aug. 18. This game was ‘canceled’ in the third quarter after several ‘disturbances’ in the stands and around the campus of Memorial Stadium.

The full press release from the Sept. 15 incident is below:

The Richmond County School System also released a statement, reading:

We are investigating along with the Georgia High School Association (GHSA) game officials regarding the game-ending altercation on Friday, Sept. 15, 2023, during the Savannah High and Cross Creek High School football game. Any student-athletes identified by the investigation to have been fighting or demonstrating unsportsmanlike conduct during the game will face the disciplinary consequences of the GHSA. In some instances, students may also face consequences as listed in the Richmond County Code of Student Conduct and Discipline.  

We take these incidents seriously. Student-athletes, students and fans expect to be in a safe environment when they attend athletic competitions. The Richmond County School System will continue to maintain a significant law enforcement presence during our athletic events to ensure everyone in attendance can enjoy the competition between students.