Plans move forward for new North Augusta Public Safety Headquarters


NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) – Soon, North Augusta public safety officers may have a new home.

“Really this summer we want to get it before the planning commission for their review,” said City Administrator Jim Clifford.

Monday, North Augusta City Council members unanimously approved a resolution for Clifford to file a sketch plan with the planning commission for the new public safety headquarters.

He explained, “Then we get their feedback from the planning commission, take it back to the city council in a very formal and public way. So it’s all above board, everybody gets to see what we’re doing in the process and then we come back and present this to council.”

Clifford hopes that presentation happens in September.

The sketch plan will show the planning commission what the new public safety headquarters could look like on the old Seven Gables property on Georgia Avenue. The city owns the land now.

“There’s a sleeve of the property that has two older buildings that there are some groups interested in, on the historical side, but as far as the majority of the land it’s just vacant,” said Mayor Briton Williams.

The new facility would house public safety and the court system as well as an emergency operations center according to Clifford.

He said, “Basically allows you to run an event if you will good or bad about what’s going in the city. So most municipalities or county’s in the region have a version of that, North Augusta does not and that’s something we need in the city as well.”

“We also want to go back to the neighborhoods and the community and get their feedback and listen to them through this process so it’s early on,” said Williams.

Clifford added they are also looking at property down the road on Buena Vista Avenue from the current public safety headquarters to build the new one.

Continue to stick with us for any further developments as the plans for the new facility are debated.

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