Plans for revenues keeping some from supporting paid parking


Augusta leaders trying to take the first step towards a paid parking plan downtown.

Commissioners scheduled to vote next week on setting boundaries for where the parking meters will be located -if- commissioners approve the final program.

But some say they can’t support anything unless it’s clear where the profits from the program will be spent.

“One of those real strong questions to me is exactly where that funding will go, and until I see it in writing that the revenue will stay downtown for improvements and beautification then I couldn’t move forward with it,” says Commissioner Mary Davis.

“You won’t support it unless that’s in writing.”

Absolutely I think the revenue needs to benefit downtown,” said Davis.

Also raising concerns for commissioners is they would need to spend 150 thousand dollars on an in house parking department, on top of spending 800 thousand dollars a year for the management company to run the parking program.

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