Pink bags for donations helps “Hope” organization in Atlanta, not Hope House Augusta


Some people are seeing pink bags on their mailboxes.

They’re from an organization based in Atlanta called “Hope for Domestic Violence.”

The organization is asking residents to donate clothes or small items, but some people think the donations go towards a local organization in Augusta, Hope House.

NewsChannel 6 learned that is not the case.

Their van says “Hope,” their shirts say “Hope,” and their bags also say “Hope.”

NewsChannel 6 asked the driver for “Hope for Domestic Violence” if there was any affiliation with the Hope House here in Augusta.

Driver, Genie Cano, says, “no, ma’am.”

In fact, the Hope House in Augusta is a completely different organization.

Events Coordinator for Hope House in Augusta, Chaz Butler, says, “we are a long-term residential treatment facility for women with substance use disorder. So, that’s drugs and alcohol, and the company with the pink bags is HOPE for domestic violence.”

“Hope for Domestic Violence” is not even located in this area, but the group has footprints around the southeast, and they want as many donations as they can get.

NewsChannel 6 found out the organization is legit.

“I went by Columbia County over at the courthouse on Ronald Reagan Drive. They had to have all of my paperwork from the Secretary of State. We turned everything in, got it cleared to go. We come in every morning and when we come we call dispatch, 911. We let them know where they at. That way they know it’s us and nobody else,” says Cano.

“Hope for Domestic Violence” partners with “Nspire Outreach,” giving jobs to the homeless.

“Nspire Outreach” member, Brandon Mayfield, says, “knowing that I’m helping somebody else, just like I got helped, helping the next person that comes in.”

There’s a note on the side of the bags for a pick-up time, and a receipt is given when the items are taken.

“We put one bag per house. It asks for clothing donations for men, women, and children or anything small and re-usable that helps anybody get started all over again,” says Cano.

Although these organizations spreading hope are for different people, Hope House in Augusta says it’s an easy mix-up.

“I think it’s because they see “Hope,” and we are the only Hope House in Augusta or really anywhere near Augusta. So, I think people just automatically assume it’s us. We’ve gotten some great donations out of it and kind of spread the word about Hope House, but no we are not connected,” says Butler.

Hope House here in Augusta says they are also taking donations.

They aren’t taking clothes at the moment, but linens, like bed sheets, are welcome.

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