AUGUSTA, GA. (WJBF) – There are women all over the world leading by example– and right here at Piedmont Augusta, 80% of their workforce consists of women. 

“I’m really excited for Piedmont, it’s a wonderful place to work and– as I mentioned earlier– I’m proud of the fact that we won Newsweek’s greatest workplace for diversity and now Newsweek’s greatest workplace for women in 2023,” Piedmont Augusta CEO Dr. Lilly Henson said.

Dr. Lilly Henson is Piedmont Augusta’s first woman to hold the position of CEO at the hospital. 

“I went into medicine to make a difference in the lives of my patients and being in this leadership role– it means that I can help make a difference in the lives of our community here in Augusta.”

Dr. Henson tells me working with a predominantly female staff has its rewards, and she is happy to grow alongside them. 

“I know it’s been a journey for me over the past 18 years to really grow here. I started out in nursing and have moved into the Chief Operating role, and really it’s helped me to grow and learn as I’ve moved through that journey,” Piedmont Augusta Chief Operating Officer Reyne Gallup said.

And what makes what they do, at Piedmont, more of a standout is truly what makes them different. 

“They are really helping us to help with that diversity-inclusion initiative that we have on this campus to make sure women are empowered, to make the right decisions, to progress their careers,” Gallup said.

And every woman we spoke with agreed that Piedmont is a workplace where they are seen along with their work. 

“It’s truly a great place to work, they exemplify that. They empower us to do our jobs, they give us the tools that we need, the training that we need, and so I think it’s a very well-deserved accolade,” Piedmont Augusta Director of Public Safety Nikki Butts said.

With her background in law enforcement, Butts told me the difference is evident.  

“Being able to show the skill sets that you have and bring things to the table and they be appreciated and valued, you– you can’t get that everywhere,” Butts said.

And though March 31 marks the end of Women’s History Month, these women continue to do their work 365 days out of the year.