Phase two of Waynesboro’s new curfew rule


WAYNESBORO, Ga. (WJBF) — The Mayor of Waynesboro, Greg Carwells Jr. told NewsChannel 6 reporter Devin Johnson that phase two was going to be phase one. But due to the recent shootings, the city had to change directions and implement the curfew.

It’s been about two weeks since the mayor implemented a new curfew to steer kids away from crime.

“They might be out until 10:59 pm, but come 11 pm we saw a bunch of them running and going in the house,” said Carswell Jr. “They’re thinking, let me get off the street, I don’t need no trouble.”

Carswell told Devin since then; things have quieted down in Waynesboro. Now, brings him to phase two. Teaching kids the importance of earning money and investing it.

“You wear Nike all the time; let me show you how to buy stock in Nike, and you can have some money from Nike,” explained Carswell Jr. “Let Nike pay you since you are always paying Nike.”

A mother of two who was at the press conference says she believes the mayor’s goal to reach younger kids is a great start.

“As the mayor stated earlier, this will keep them from breaking in from other people’s houses,” explained Roshonda Tremble. “They will learn to get jobs, and they will learn to save their money to buy things of their own. Instead of taking from other people.”

Tremble says it’s better to teach the youth about finances now than waiting for them become adults to care about it then.

“If we teach them those things earlier than they will have advancement in life,” says Tremble.

But the ultimate goal is to give all of Waynesboro’s youth these opportunities, giving them a step up off the streets.

“There are a lot of kids that don’t have transportation, and they will say I can’t get there,” said Carswell Jr. “Well, guess what? We are going to bring it to you. We are going to set up in your neighborhood and say let do this.”

During the presser, Mayor Carswell announced March 16th as “Children’s Financial Literacy Day” in Waynesboro. The board of education, Burke County’s Sheriff’s Office, and other city organizations were in attendance to be on board for step two.

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