Pharmacy opens within the Harlem city limits


The people of Harlem can say goodbye to long drives for medications.

What used to be the Women’s Club of Harlem is now Harlem’s only pharmacy within it’s city limits.

Pharmacist, Kyle Pulliam, says, “we talked to a lot of people that don’t have the time or don’t want to go to the emergency room. We handle minor first aid type situations.”

Over-the-counter drugs and perscription pills are not the only things this independently owned pharmacy offers.

“We also do custom compounding, that’s where we take a medication and make it from scratch. We’ll also be doing a lot of immunizations,” says Pulliam.

Beyone medication, the pharmacy will educate customers on medication planning.

“We do hormone replacement. We do nutritional counseling, if someone wants to talk to us about their diet, exercise. We do that as well,” says Pulliam.

Harlem’s mayor, Roxanne Whitaker, says she hopes this pharmacy will advance the medical growth of the town.

“I’m hoping that some doctor’s office is going to realize that a great deal of medical needs are needed right and Harlem, and he’ll open office too so that will even just add to it,” says Whitaker.

She says she hopes the community will support this business as they do other small businesses.

“I’m really hoping that we are going to promote this. And that the people are just going to jump right in,” says Whitaker.

Pulliam says, “we definitely hope that the community will support us by coming out and doing business here in Harlem.”

The store has special features that perserve the history of The Women’s Club, such as lights, the fire place, and even a door made into a display table.

The pharmacy also sells retail items, such as candles and cards.

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