Performing Arts Center and Plaza in middle stages


Arts, entertainment, and an exciting way of living, Columbia County is doing it all.

Sales Manager at Meybohm Real Estate, Grey Meybohm, says, “the idea is to create a downtown Evans. That’s what this project is all about.”
The Performing Arts Center and the Plaza are making their way to town, but the progress is moving slowly.

Deputy County Manager for Columbia County, Matt Schlachter, says, “well, the idea of the project started back in ’12 or ’13. There was some money set aside for a cultural arts center.”

Fast forward about seven years and the Performing Arts Center is in it’s middle stages.

“The progress is evident from the outside for a while now. We’re getting to a point where you don’t see progress outside because everything is happening internal to the building,” says Schlachter.

The theatre and museum is coming, but there is still a long way to go.

“Well our completion date, we’re looking for around August/September of 2020 ,” says Schlachter.

One building that is closer to completion is across the street.

“It’s going to be a mixed use of professional, restaurant, retail, the mix of tenants hasn’t been established yet. We do have one tenant doing a mix out right now and it’s going to be Your Pie,” says Meybohm.

He says he hopes it will also be a place for people to live.

“You know the trend is there where people like to live in work in a town center type thing,” says Meybohm.

He says there isn’t an estimated completion date. He is just trying to get the building leased. There are only actually a few things finalized…

“Basically, just this building and the parking garage that’s going over there that’s going to start pretty soon. It’s going to be 250 parking spots,” says Meybohm.

The parking lot will be used for the new downtown area.

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