Performance fountains in question for Riverfront Park in North Augusta


While baseball takes a break at SRP Park, plans to make the area a year-round destination continue.

Those include an amphitheater and two fountains, but installing those amenities is not easy.

Right now, in between the Crowne Plaza and SRP Park is a big construction site. That is where river front park is going to be. What’s now in question is upgrading the two basic fountains that is already in the construction plan to two performance fountains.

North Augusta’s Mayor, Bob Pettit, says, “the ampitheater on Riverfront Park is the final piece that ties riverside village to the river.”

It’s the last part to the downtown trifecta. In a 4-2 vote, North Augusta City Council recently approved the itemized funds for the infrastructure.

After council looked it over, they deleted items to lower that price to 2 million dollars. But after tacking on added fees, like design and contingencies and it increased back to 2.5 million dollars.

“1.5 million was in the bond issuance for instance. Some comes from capital projects sales tax fee, the rest of it comes from capital projects fund,” says Mayor Pettit.

The number on the resolution calls for $2.6 million. That’s because the City of n=North Augusta wants basic fountains. They needed to issue another $100,000 just for water basins and piping.

“The discussion now is performance fountains,” says Mayor Pettit. “Do we want two performance fountains?”

Some council members hope to upgrade the basic fountains to include music and choreographed water.

That’ll cost an extra $350,000. The city will have to ask the state for a grant.

“If we’re awarded the grant for $175, then we are required to spend city money $175 thousand dollars to match the grant,” says Mayor Pettit, “which then would give the $350,000 to cover the costs of the performance dountains.”

Mayor Pettit believes the vote wasn’t unanimous because it’s expensive, but he says it’s worth it.

“This is about providing opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy themselves,” says Mayor Pettit.

Mayor Pettit says that he hopes this park will be finished by Masters.

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