People squeezing in last bit of summer at Wildwood Park for Labor Day


People were squeezing in one last bit of summer this Labor Day holiday.

The only labor taking place at Wildwood Park was swimming, boating and grilling.

“Oh wow, it’s probably been since the 90’s…early 90’s. We’ve been coming every year,” said Camper Crystal Bragg.

For Bragg and her family, it’s a tradition; parking the RV at the lake for the Labor Day weekend.

It’s the second year for Kathy Bell and her family.

“We go boat riding, tubing, camping, just enjoy getting away,” said Bell.

“I had a lot of fun and I want to come back soon so I can ride the boat more,” said Bell’s daughter, Katie.

As their RV’s rolled out of Wildwood, other people were piling in.

George Johnson was taking it easy, working to catch a big one.

“I’ve gotten a few hits today. But, I haven’t brought anything to the bank yet,” said Johnson.

For Tank McCladdie, coming to Wildwood Park to grill out is a family tradition.

“Cooking a little chicken, pork chops; I got some ribs and hamburgers and hotdogs,” said McCladdie.

He says his family and friends will be eating well.

“Just slow cook it, don’t rush it, take your time and use plenty of seasoning…and some apple cider vinegar,” said McCladdie.

With every splash and each boat on the water,  it’s hard to believe that summer is unofficially coming to an end.

Well, for some people it is.

“We’re probably going to come back this year and do a little fishing because it’s so warm in Georgia still,” said Bragg.

If you’re thinking of spending next Labor Day at Wildwood Park, park officials say you better call early.

The park still has a few spots left at the campground sites.

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