BURKE COUNTY (WJBF)- People in Burke County are reacting to school leaders canceling Burke County high school’s tailgating activities.

“I heard it was fun and now they’re canceling it for no reason like because of fights?”, said Danae Mack, student.

Burke County High School released a statement in August stating due to “a number of circumstances” they’ve decided to cancel the schools homecoming tailgate. Some say they believe it’s for safety reasons.

“I understand that they canceled for security reasons All people want to do is tailgate hopefully they bring it back,” said Justin Sharp, resident.

Fights have been reported on campus. School officials say the homecoming game and all other activities will resume as normal.

“It’s been so many fights, so many issues, I can understand why they canceled it but I think a time they’ll be able to bring it back,” said Sharp.

Students who attend the high school say it’s something they were looking forward to. 

“I mean, if they don’t want us to tailgate then we can do something else, but if we can’t do anything else we might as well tailgate,” said Mack.