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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – With restaurants and other small businesses forced to close, many people find themselves out of work or working limited hours.  

In many CSRA cities and towns, there are no options to serve someone dinner or give them a new hairstyle.  For those folks, it means less money coming home.  But there are some companies looking to hire.

“We normally get anywhere between five to ten applications a week, on a busy week maybe 20.  So, 300 applications is quite overwhelming, to be honest with you,” said Steven Vincent, Gold Cross EMA Vice President, adding that his company is growing and there are several projects in the works needing employees.

“Some of our employees needed a little bit more time off,” he explained.  “A lot of our employees have small kids, I have small kids so home schooling is the new norm for everybody.  People need a little more time off and we’re trying to be extremely lenient with that in honoring any requests that we can.  That helps having some extra employees around too to fill the open slots.”

Vincent also said most of the driver positions are filled, but there is still hope.

“We are still hiring for EMTs and paramedics and we will still be taking applications for our online EMT school as well.”

You can check out the Gold Cross Career Page here.

Gold Cross is not the only company hiring.  Sitel is also looking for people immediately, trying to fill 200 positions and those people will work from home.

“We’re really looking for the basic computer skills, just the understanding of how to use their computer.  Some basic soft skills and customer service skills are always a plus,” said Robbie Jalbert, Sitel Site Director in Augusta. “Because we are a nationally and globally known company we’re more than willing to train and help develop those skill sets.”

Interested applicants should visit and enter the keyword “Augusta” to begin the application process. Interviews may be conducted by video conference.

People in need of work can also apply with Kroger.  The grocery store already brought on more than 2,000 people and is looking to hire 400 more in the coming weeks.  Felix Turner, manager of corporate affairs for Kroger’s Atlanta Division, answered a few questions posed by NewsChannel 6. The company is looking to fill roles in retail stores, manufacturing plants and distribution centers.  And as for who would be a good candidate, Turner said anyone in need of a job, but they encourage people from restaurants, hotels and food service distributors now in need of work to apply. Kroger’s average hourly wage is $15 an hour. And with comprehensive benefits factored in, the company’s average hourly rate is over $20, Turner shared.

People interested in working for Kroger may apply via

Vincent shared an EMT’s salary too.

“So EMTs, they usually start between $35,000 and $45,000 a year and paramedics start between $45,000 and $60,000 a year.”

And here’s the good news.  Some of the Kroger positions can become long term.  And Vincent mentioned that becoming an EMT could be the career change you are looking for in your life.  

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