AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Cassandra D’Antignac was making her first visit to Augusta’s new pedestrian bridge.  

“I decided I would come down to the Firth Street Bridge to see what it had to offer,” said D’Antignac.  

She called it the Fifth Street Bridge, but what does she think about the different signs calling it the Jefferson Davis Bridge?

“I don’t really want to say one way or the other, I’m just going good with the flow, I’m glad they made some change,” she said.  

A commission committee approved making changes, recommending renaming the bridge Freedom Bridge and removing the references to Jefferson Davis.  

“I think it’s very important for this region for people coming across the country, we can see what’s taken place at Fort Gordon and other military installations around the country, I just think it’s the right thing to do,” said Commissioner Ben Hasan.

Though the committee approved it, there was a little discussion of the renaming and there are other ideas.  

“How many names have been changed of things over the years? And everybody refers to it as its original name it is what it is?” asked Commissioner John Clarke.  

“It’s okay, I mean, Garden City Bridge would work for me, we’re supposed to be the Garden City and I think that is something that would be appropriate as well,” said Commissioner Alvin Mason.

The full commission is on schedule to make a final decision next week on whether Freedom Bridge goes up and the old signs come down.