Pease Brothers looking to finish IronMan race together despite disabilities


AUGUSTA, Ga. – Disabilities doesn’t stop Kyle Pease from living out his dreams of competing in IronMan races. His brotherly love with Brent Pease has taken them both the extra mile.

“It’s a privilege to be out here and to do it with Brent is really sweet to me,” says Kyle Pease, IronMan Racer.

Kyle, who has cerebral palsy, saw his brother Brent compete in his first IronMan in Augusta ten years ago and had many questions about the triathlon.

“The final question was ‘Can people in wheel chairs compete in IronMan races?’ and he said yes,” says Kyle Pease.

Now the two brothers are going into their 7th half IronMan and Brent will get to share this experience with Kyle where it all started.

“I get a front row seat to watch some of the best athletic performance I’ve ever seen,” says Brent Pease, Kyle’s Brother.

During the 70.3 mile triathlon, Brent will pull Kyle in a boat for the swim, push the pedals on the bike, and push him on the run to complete the race.

The toughest challenge is pushing the weight of the bike and Kyle sitting through the long ride.

“I’m in a very uncomfortable position for 8 to 10 hours, but everybody else goes through their own unique challenges as well,” says Kyle.

But the ride is sweet because it’s a chance to bond and conquer a goal.

“It’s a lot quality time together. It’s a lot of encouraging one another. It’s definitely a team effort, and even though I’m not the one doing the physical activities I’m still very involved and it takes a lot of me as well,” says Kyle.

But Brent will tell you that Kyle is the one that gives him the extra push.

“It gives me intense motivation to watch a young man who spends his days struggling through everything. Brushing his teeth, going to the bathroom, eating a meal. Everything takes more effort for him. And yet, he willing puts himself through this,” says Brent Pease.

The journey has inspired many, but more importantly Kyle and Brent inspire each other.

“He’s my hero. He’s got a college degree and job and two thousand miles of racing under his belt and he’s just an incredible human with an amazing spirit that makes everyone around him want to be better at everything they do,” says Brent.

The two brothers tell us that when they cross the finish line today, they will have tracked 25 hundred miles together.

To learn more about he Pease Brothers’ story, the have a book out called ‘Beyond the Finish’:

Also to learn more about the Kyle Pease Foundation, click the link to their website:

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